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Construction Material


These beams are panel web beams conforming to EN 13377. Manufactured according to the General Building supervision license of the German Institute of Structural Engineering. License No. Z - 9.1 - 299.

Weight 4,6kg/lm

Dimensions in mm H = 200, W (central part) = 31, W (upper & bottom part) = 80, H (upper & bottom part) = 40

Instructions for dimensions

- The admissible transverse force:  Qperm = 11,0kN

- The admissible bending moment:  Mperml = 5,0kNm  EJ = 450 kNm2  J = 4180cm4

- For dimensioning ceiling thicknesses we refer to the following table giving the maximum permissible pile beams and distance between supports.


Wood Species  Spruce, fir tree, mixed wood species allowed

Gluing  BFU 100 (AW 100) according to Ö-Norm B3023

Wood Moisture  ca. 12 % /- 3% at delivery


  • Production as large format panels, small format panels are exactly cut out of large format panels
  • Completely closed, slat glued top and middle layer, no concealed edge band
  • Top layer with predominant standing annual rings, no brackets
  • Persistant glued middle layer, to avoid a break off of the longitudinal edge
  • holohedral sanded
  • Robust melamine resin surfacing coat
  • Water repellent edge sealing

Surface Quality

  • Holohedral sanded surface
  • Robust melamine resin surfacing coat with about 130 g per sqm and side


Size: 2400mm x 1200mm x 18mm

Film-faced and sealed all around.


White Deal - 13ft 2" x 12" x 2"

White Deal Shuttering - 10", 13ft 2" x 1"

(Various widths for white deal shuttering).


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